The Most Exclusive Car in the World – LykanHypersport 2013

The most exclusive luxury sports car in the world will be unveiled at the Qatar Motor Show, starting on the 29th of January. Called LykanHypersport, the supercar is the first of its kind ever created in the Arab world and, as you can probably imagine, it will not come cheap – $3.5 million. The vehicle can make the 1 to 100 kms per hour sprint in a stunning 2.8 seconds and is capable of reaching an astonishing top speed of 390 kms per hour (242 mph). This kind of speed can be hard to comprehend, so just think of it as being over 100 kmh (62 mph) faster than Airbus 380’s (largest commercial jet in the world) take off speed. Only seven units of this high performance, luxurious vehicle will be produced.

The Most Exclusive Car in the World – LykanHypersport 2013 (1)

Boasting leather seats with gold stitching, diamond coated LED lights, ID4Motion interactive Dashboard and a reverse door opening system, this supercar will undoubtedly appeal to exclusivity and luxury lovers.

The striking vehicle is the result of the combined efforts of Italy based companies Viotti, RUF automobile, Magna Steyr Italia, ID4MOTION and Studiotorino. The project took 6 years of hard work to complete. The seven models will be delivered to their owners in September this year along with a bonus $200,000 Special Edition Cyrus Klepcys timepiece.

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