The Most Colorful Place in The World

A real heaven! In South of China’s Yunnan Province on the border with Vietnam is the country as a place and few could imagine there.  It seems the story broke, or rather, the canvas of a painter in love with too many colors on Earth a unique phenomenon of the locals and officials in Beijing did not seem to be aware of the fact that the evidence was not included in tourist circuits and people go their peaceful life like at least a century ago. High concentration of metal ores that due to long periods of oxidation gave the landscape an unusual color is combinataă hundreds of Chinese peasant cultures.

The Most Colorful Place in The World (9)

Over all add hundreds of cultures of Chinese peasants, virtually no plot is left to chance, their colors the whole a landscape that would be allowed to move and Surrealist painters.There is no uncultivated plot, so hundreds of vivid colors complete the wonderful landscape. The place seems at the same time, separated from his stories Tolkkien. One of the most beautiful and beloved images is that Chinese peasants go in the morning, in carts pulled by donkeys, each of the plots cultivated else, depending on the preference of each. It sounds trite when you say that a hill is covered with crops of potatoes, canola, corn, barley and vegetables. But when you look at everything as a whole, the image resembles one of the most beautiful dream .

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