The Most Beautiful Yacht in The World?

The most beautiful yacht in the world? “Why” is not a question but if it is, we answer: because it must stand things. On the water, where full freedom makes you forget everything, to dive into a deep relaxation, a lounge chair under the warm rays of the sun.

The Most Beautiful Yacht in The World? (1)

Boat does not disturb anything in her way. Abramovich Eclypse has the lasers and  has no polluting materials or hundreds of decibels that would frighten and oysters from the seabed … WHY is the yacht that can still dream that you advocate eco spirit. As you say Luca Bassani Antivari, one of the two initiators of the grand project, WHY has surpassed the status of simple yacht, is now a true floating island.

Stay great and you care about her, protect and love. Pierre-Alexis Dumas, manufacturer of exclusive representative Hermes, said he was really amazed by the vision of Antivari, who achieved a “green trail” on the water.WHY moving slowly draws its energy from clean sources, recycles all organic or inorganic materials and perfect comfort. It seems a utopia, something detached from a book by Jules Verne. We know that. And we thought the same. But the boat already under construction and will show axact as pictures, will to please a future owner who knows how to love nature and appreciate every aspect of it.

Three levels will have different functions, will provide a huge area, bedrooms, cinema, library, day rooms, areas for guests, all decorated with plants and wood details. Terrace with a length of 25 meters offers quick access to water and enough space to host a dinner there in the open …WHY can get 32 people on board, it spoils the light waves with a speed of 14 knots. Solar panels provide power for some engines, and all wiring. Each device has been chosen as energy consumption is minimized. Enlightenment is based LEDs very environmentally friendly, and batteries.

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