The Megastructure Which Will Go Down in History

Future, brought by European Union country, today.”Make no little plans. They have no magic to stir men’s blood and probably will not themselves be realised.Think bol,think great.”These great words belong to Daniel Burnham ,the American who brought at life the city of Chicago.

The Megastructures Which Will Go Down in History (4)

The megastructure of which we are talking about is called Thames Hub.Lord Foster announced that it would gives the start of a project that even Daniel Burnham would be considered very great!How we say ,the name of the project is Thames Hub and the total price of the building is over 58 billion euros.

Thames Hub aims to be the largest airport in Europe which to have in proximity close railway stations and ailway junctions for high speed trains ,to link Britain of the rest of Europe.So,the connection will be accomplished by air way and ground or water,because it will be built and a huge port and a warehouse.

This project belong Foster and Parteners company and is expecte to become reality in 4-5 years maximum.This firm has several active projects of this kind which have revolutionized the world, most recently being done in Hong Kong.


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