The Magnificent Opening of The Olympic Games

The most expected event of 2012 has had a unprecedented opening.Summer Olympics, 2012 edition, officially opened Friday night, the Olympic Stadium in London in what was called by British, and not only “the most beautiful show in the world“.The whole spectacle of the Opening Ceremony, imagined by Danny Boyle, filmmaker Oscar, Slumdog Millionaire, was dramatic one.Everything has culminated with flame ignition timing, occurrence even in the middle of the stadium.

The Magnificent Opening of The Olympic Games (12)

Rain had no chance to chase viewers.The British capital’s sky, the festivities started early with an overflight of the famous Red Arrows aerobatic formations over the grand arena.Queen Elizabeth II had also a special entrance.Queen Elizabeth II was brought to the Olympic stadium itself James Bond, the actor Daniel Craig being part of an elaborate and spectacular overhead.

The most anticipated moment of the ceremony and most secret was that the Olympic flame ignition.David Beckham brought the torch with a boat on the Thames. Sir Steven Geoffrey Redgrave, champion in five consecutive editions of the Olympic Games, took the torch and brought it in stadium.

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