The Magnificent Amor Fati

The Amor Fati is a superb superyacht designed by Christopher Seymour, and it boasts a lovely blend of old and new architectural elements, thus resembling a 90s era America Cup ship. Measuring 144 feet (44 meters), the vessel will be unveiled at the upcoming Palm Beach show. One of its most impressive design features is that its bow is in a permanently elevated position above the waterline, followed by the stern, which seems to be suspended by an invisible thread.

The Magnificent Amor Fati (3)

The rear section comprises the helm and a lovely seating area with 3 comfortable sofas, placed conveniently at the rear end of the deck so that guests can have easy access to various onboard facilities and water sports such as snorkeling, swimming or tender speedboat riding.

The exterior sitting deck is connected to a bar and lounge via a small set of stairs. The interior arrangements include a lavishly appointed owner’s suite, crew accommodations for a staff of 6 and a laundry room. The owner’s area benefits from sublime panoramas that can be admired from a front stern deck, reachable through a glass-door.

Performance-wise, the Amor Fati is able to reach a speed of 18 knots thanks to its on-deck sail, and the cruising speed is somewhere between 10 and 12 knots while using only its engine. Built from lightweight materials such as vacuum resin-infused carbon fiber, the vessel flaunts great maneuverability and impressive performance capabilities. You can admire it by taking a look at the following images.

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