The Luxurious Bathrooms of the Burj Al Arab Suites

The Burj Al Arab Hotel is hands down the most luxurious and opulent hotel in the world, with nightly rates starting at no less than $1,500. Even though its suites have been described in detail on many occasions since its opening in 1999, we will now take a closer look at its lavishly appointed bathrooms, which represent a pinnacle of luxury and sophistication.

The Luxurious Bathrooms of the Burj Al Arab Suites (11)

If you will take the time to browse through the following pictures, you will be able to observe the absolute exquisiteness of these bathrooms, which boast a wide array of color palettes and high quality materials throughout.  The bathrooms found in the Deluxe One Bedroom suite and Deluxe Two Bedroom suite flaunt gorgeous shades of blue and orange as well as white and teal respectively, while the Club One Bedroom suite’s bath flaunts lovely shades of deep blue and purple.

The Royal Two Bedroom Suite is by far the most opulent apartment suite in the entire hotel, and so is its bathroom, which features several separate areas, each with its own Jacuzzi / Spa bath and walk-in shower. Moreover, guests are able to enjoy a completely relaxing experience during their stay in these opulent chambers by using Aromatherapy Associates bath oils prepared by a butler.

Check out Burj’s Website Here for more information!

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