The Limited Edition M55 Terminus Hybrid Bike

After the M55 Beast,here is another version of their luxury hybrid e-bike.Their latest invention is called M55 Terminus “which is the polished incarnation of the M55 Beast”. The electric bike can be further customized.This is a hybrid bike with not only exceptional performance but great outlook as well.The e-bike has 25-33 kg ,depending on the motor and has a high speeds of 55kmph.It will be limited to only 5 editions of 55 bikes.

The Limited Edition M55 Terminus Hybrid Bike (6)

The first series will be equiped with White Brothers double crown fork, the second one with our custom ‘Biceps’ single-arm suspension design. A third series is  “tailor-made” edition, excluisively produced one of a kind models on customer’s special request. M55 Terminus White Brothers edition will be priced at €25,555 ($36,700), while the Bisceps edition will cost you €28,888 ($41,500). The Terminus with a custom airbrush paintjob, it will cost you €26,666 ($38,300). M55 donates €555 ($800) per sale to the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation’s action to preserve our environment.

One comment on “The Limited Edition M55 Terminus Hybrid Bike

  1. Vivion Mulcahy

    Hard to see the point of this. Weighs 25 kg and up, so naturally needs a motor.

    If I wanted a motorcycle, I would buy a real motorcycle, not a mountainbike with an engine. But I don’t. I want a proper bicycle. So I’ll keep my Moulton TSR 30. Weighs 11 kg, handles like a bicycle, no motor needed.


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