The Leibish Pink Promise” Purplish Pink Diamond

One of the latest additions to the already impressive portfolio of Leibish & Co. is a gorgeous 2.02 carat diamond with amazing hues of pink and purple. The fact that the stone was found in the KAO mine in South Africa contributes to the uniqueness of the precious stone. Pink diamonds are more commonly found in Rio Tinto’s Argyle mine in Australia. The brand called it “The Leibish Pink Promise” to make the rare diamond even more appealing to the public.

The Leibish Pink Promise” Purplish Pink Diamond (4)

Pink diamonds are sold for astronomical prices at auctions because of how difficult it is to come across one. However, the “Pink Promise” is even more special as it has purplish pink hues. These kinds of diamonds are considered to be the rarest. During the upcoming HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewelry Show 2013, Leibish & Co. is planning on showcasing their new SI2 GIA cushion-cut diamond.

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