The Legacy of Steve Jobs

Ten key quotations from the new biography of Steve Jobs, written by Walter Isaacson, who manages to “manage to focus the legacy of Steve Jobs in 571 pages of simple sentences.”Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson is available for purchase now through Amazon.

The Legacy of Steve Jobs (1)

About persuasion”Professor Steve Jobs in fourth grade he not only saw the intelligence. Many years after, when Jobs became famous teacher liked to show a photo of the day with Hawaiian theme. Then Jobs came without a shirt stained it, but in photography, appears first, with such a shirt. Basically, he convinced a colleague to give the shirt down and give it to him.

About personality”Steve Jobs had a kind of madness grown. He learned to stare at people without blinking and long pauses alternate with moments in which he spoke very quickly. This strange juxtaposition of intensity and detachment, combined with his long hair and beard of unkempt, gives halo of a shaman’s Jobs crazy. He oscillate between odd and charisma. ”

About behavior “Jobs’s behavior was not always up to the responsibilities. It has always been a bit temperamental and rude. As he developed at Atari was sent the night shift because of temperament. Apple’s first director it describes Jobs as tyrannical, remembering that he used to tell people that their work looks like crap.

About effective “Jobs believes the computers kind of bike for the brain. People’s ability to create bike offered the opportunity to move as fast as a condor.Similarly, the ability to create computers improve their efficiency of mind.Jobs wanted to sell the Macintosh as the ‘bike’, but the idea was not accepted “.

About independent “Jobs used to say that it is better to be a pirate than to join in the navy. He wanted to inspire his team rebel spirit, to make them behave like loud and proud Musketeers.”

About the brand “Steve Jobs created at Apple more than a brand, has created a lifestyle and one company in IT. There are cars that people drive them because they are: Porsche, Ferrari, Toyota Prius. The same is with Apple products. ”

About design”When he went to France, Steve Jobs went into a store and took a knife from a shelf.He noted a drop of glue between the handle and blade knife in his hand and left, disappointed. The design of knife had broken the way it was manufactured. For Jobs, cohesion was everything, that is the link between product and production substantially. ”

About selectivity “Before the first iPhone launched in 2007, Steve Jobs decided to give of a magazine exclusivity of to present the product.The first option was TIME, but Jobs said that there is nosmart enough journalist there. Eventually, all those from TIME wrote the article “.

About the taste “Steve Jobs could taste two avocado fruit that most mortals would have found identical and to declare that one is the best that he ate avocado ever, the other – completely inedible. ”

About leadership “Steve Jobs says it is disappointed by Obama, who is not able to lead, because it does not like to offend people or make them mad.”


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