The Lavish Regina Yacht from Skyfall Is Now for Sale

After a successful role in the much anticipated Skyfall film, the luxurious Regina Yacht by Med Yacht is now ready to meet its new owner. The vessel was featured in the last James Bond adventure, and this adds a lot of extra value to it, raising the price to a whopping $14.2 million. Capable of accommodating up to 12 guests at once, the yacht is 183 feet long.

The Lavish Regina Yacht from Skyfall Is Now for Sale (6)

Even tough it looks amazing the way it is, the yacht was completely altered for the movie. The cabins were used as backstage areas and dressing rooms, while the spacious salon was transformed into a lavish bedroom for Bérénice Marlohe. One bathroom was also featured in the movie, being an excellent backdrop for a shower love scene.

Many pieces of furniture were brought in for décor, and some of the existing ones were converted color and fabric-wise. If the asking price is more than you are willing to pay, then you should consider chartering the luxe vessel for $120,000 a week.

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