The Lavish American Queen Cruise Ship Is Back in Business

Elegant and majestic, the American Queen was brought back into the fascinating world of luxury cruising by The Great American Steamboat Co. The previous owner of the vessel, American Classical Voyages, had gone bankrupt in 2001, and so the cruiser had to be put out of service for a while. But after its new parent company bought it and invested $6 million in its renovation, the boat is now ready to make people happy again.

The Lavish American Queen Cruise Ship Is Back in Business (4)

Capable of accommodating up to 436 passengers, the American Queen features six white trellis decks fitted with top-notch amenities both in the public areas and in the private staterooms and suites. One of the most spectacular areas is the J. M. White Dining Saloon, where delicious foods are served for breakfast, lunch and dinner, in a lovely ambiance. Famous Regina Charboneau is the talented chef who supervises everything that is going on behind the curtain in this lavish saloon.

Other remarkable areas on the ship are the Mark Twain Gallery with its huge book collection, the elegant Grand Salon, the Main Deck Lounge, and two more very interesting rooms: one strictly for the ladies where they can play bridge and drink tea, and another one for the gentlemen onboard, also dedicated to card games.

The Queen offers cruises that last between 3 and 10 days, with prices that range between $1,995 and $5,795 per person. You can choose your perfect vacation from over 25 differently themed cruises, such as musical, American history, and politics.


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