The Latest Extravaganza Yacht of 3.4 Billion Euros, Gold Plated.

The owner of the Supreme History British yacht would make envious and Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. That’s because the boat owner does not even compare Chelsea with gold plated yacht worth 3.5 billion euros. Super-yacht Supreme History is pleasant, more than half of its surface with 100 tons of gold. In addition, platinum is covered with booths and even a statue carved into a bone of Tyrannosaurus Rex. Ship owner is a businessman in Malaysia. The entire construction of the vessel lasted three years and took 100,000 tons of gold and platinum.

The Latest Extravaganza Yacht of 3.4 Billion Euros, Gold Plated. (2)

Deck, restaurant and anchor are made ​​of precious metals, while the bridge was covered with a thin layer of gold.So is a yacht that could be envious and Roman Abramovich. Chelsea owner has one of the famous Eclipse boats, known as the most luxurious in the world. It has 163.4 meters long and cost “only” 500 million dollars. And that’s not all. As it can put in place, you need 70 employees. Among the exclusive amenities include a runway for helicopters and bulletproof windows. Besides Eclipse, portfolio and also includes billionaire yacht Luna.

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