The Largest Private Art Museum in Asia

The Pingtan Art Museum will represent Asia’s largest private art museum, and it will be built on an artificial island near Pingtan Island by a Beijing-based architecture studio named MAD.

The Largest Private Art Museum in Asia (9)

This extraordinary building would boast exquisite, contemporary design elements and it would occupy 131,233 square feet of space. The artificial island that will serve as a home for this brand new museum will be linked to the nearby Pigtan Island by a special undulating pier. This is actually the third museum to be designed by MAD Architects, but it is by far the most expensive, its construction costs soaring to $130 million.

The building itself should include three concrete mounds or humps that encircle a beautiful oasis. The museum’s exterior will feature a complex blend of concrete and sand shells. Moreover, the interiors will be designed to resemble a series of caverns, allowing guests to enjoy a unique experience as they walk through the museum’s vast halls. This architectural masterpiece is being built as we speak, but there is no news yet regarding its completion date. However, the museum will include over a thousand art pieces that will be showcased in full during its debut presentation.

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