The Largest Building in the World Can Be Found in China

Even though China and Dubai have been competing for the title of holding the largest buildings in the world for some time now, China definitely took the lead with their New Century Global Center, which officially represents the world’s largest freestanding building.

The Largest Building in the World Can Be Found in China (8)

Now when you hear about the “world’s largest building”, you can expect it to be truly monolithic, but this one goes way beyond. Its measurements are completely off the charts, soaring to 328 feet in height while spanning 1,640 feet in length and 1,312 in width. To give you a better idea about its size, we can safely compare it to three Pentagon buildings or 20 Sydney Opera Houses.

The New Century Global Center houses a wide variety of establishments, ranging from five star hotels to office buildings and shopping malls. Furthermore, its 5.5 million square feet of space include a water park, a large ice-skating ring, an indoor beach, a Mediterranean village and a 14-screen IMAX Cineplex.

This goes to prove once again that the Chinese are indisputably the master builders of our times, and that their colossal construction projects will surely go down in history as some of humankind’s most extraordinary accomplishments.

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