The Jewel of Pangaea, Asia’s Most Expensive Cocktail

Singapore luxury club serves cocktails of 21,000 euros. Guests Pangaea exclusive club enjoy most expensive cocktail in Asia. The drink was called, suggestively,Pangaea jewelry .The drink, which used the finest ingredients, served in glasses decorated with gold leaf and one carat diamond .The drink contains Hennessy cognac and Krug 1985 champagne , all adorned with a diamond.

The Jewel of Pangaea, Asia’s Most Expensive Cocktail (5)

When a guest decides to buy The Jewel of Pangaea, the entire club stops and the recipient becomes the focal point of the room”, says Michael Ault, Pangaea’s founder. “Jewel Pangaea is not only a drink, is Pangaea spirit in a glass, “said Sabrina Van Cleef Ault, owner of the club.The club hopes the drink will attract millionaires, becoming more numerous in Singapore.In addition, they say, can be a very elegant marriage proposal to couples for which economic crisis remains only an abstract question.

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