The Hottest Red Carpet Appearances at the VMA 2011

The hottest names in international entertainment gave their meeting at the MTV Video Music Awards.Kim Kardashian has not been able to stay in the honeymoon and made present on the red carpet with Katy Perry, Beyonce, Britney Spears or Miley Cyrus.

The Hottest Red Carpet Appearances at the VMA 2011 (8)

While most celebrities chose elegant gowns, whether long or short, Katy Perry has the most outrageous appearance. In her characteristic style, Katy was an explosion of color – from hair neon pink sandals dress up in blue glitter.

Miley Cyrus has relied on the elegance, but this is not the success of her appearance – her dress is a bit inappropriate choice for the 18 years of them!Britney Spears is a little kitsch, as usual, with a dress whose length does not favor, given her muscular legs. No high shoes do not come to help.

Kim Kardashian has relied on a molded dress, which emphasize her voluptuous forms and do not be bad!Zoe Saldana Katie Holmes were among the nicest present on the red carpet – simple but tasteful!Beyonce mom chose an orange dress, large, in which fit belly.

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