The Hottest Place of the White Continent

Mount Erebus in Antarctica is one of the largest volcanoes on Earth. It stands 4 km above sea level and is famous among volcanologist for hot lava lake in its interior, whose crater is visible on top of the mountain. In fact, the highest volcano area is full of high formations, similar to chimneys, the smoke coming out of the lava produced by movements in the bowels of the mountain interior.

The Hottest Place of the White Continent (1)

People say dozens of channels are formed over time that gas have infiltrated through cracks, creating a true system of caves and underground rooms. he hottest place of the white continentMount Erebus, Antarctica, is actually the hottest place of the white continent, and absolutely freezing when it encounters a “tubing” hot, curious things happen. One result of the heating steam furnaces, Erebus is the tower of frozen surface and spacious caves under ground. And there is language Erebus Ice, Glacier sliding down the mountain in Placida Ross Sea, where waves interact with sea ice and creates a temporary cave indescribable beauty.

Age is estimated at 1 million years, is active since 1972, with small-scale eruptions. It was discovered on 28 January 1841 by English navigator James Clark Ross, who named one of the two ships that traveled and climbed for the first time several members of the expedition Shackleton. March 10, 1908.


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