The Hotels Stars

The Hotels Stars

The Hotels Stars

Celebrities from around the world fall into two categories:those that destroy hotel rooms and those who hold them. In fact, this is not true – there are many other categories outside of the two.

However, if you have fantasies like to spend the night in the hotel’s Robert De Niro or a drink with Bono from U2 before going to bed, here’s a list of eight hotels owned by celebrities.

Greenwich hotel

The Hotels Stars (5)

Where: New York

Owner: Robert De Niro

De Niro has made ​​time in his career of actor / director / producer to make its contribution to creating all the 88 rooms and suites in the hotel or New York – where room is unlike any other, with interior designs inspired by many cultures and you find the Tibetan silk rugs to leather sofas in the British style – but the prevailing feeling a rush of vintage and modern equipment, from LCD televisions to speaker docks iPod. Strengths are super luxurious spa and tavern Italian Shiba Spa Lavender Green.

Rival hotel

The Hotels Stars (2)

Where: Stockholm

Owner: Benny Andersson of ABBA

ABBA is a name synonymous with the ’70s, but this is not reflected in modern, elegant and tasteful design of the Swedish capital, with its plank floors, furniture and contemporary art works great. In fact, only now that Benny is doing it in this hotel and his former band, the album ABBA Gold, which is found in the collection of CDs in each room. As expected, the fun is a place of honor here, where there is a theater with 700 seats, where concerts are held frequently and artistic performances. The Hotel Rival There is a funky bar, where no one stops you to be a “Dancing Queen” or say “Thank you for the music” some of the best DJ in Stockholm.

Clarence hotel

The Hotels Stars (6)

Where: Dublin

Owners: Bono and Edge from U2

The theme of the hotel owned by two famous members of U2 – located near the trendy Temple Bar in Dublin – is predominantly Irish, from simple dishes and fresh restaurant located Tea Room in the hotel, to elegant furniture and distinct each item of furniture is unique and hand made ​​by artisans in the area. Octagon bar attracts many customers cocktails and beer enthusiasts Guinness – including band members, when they are in town.

Blancaneaux Lodge

The Hotels Stars (7)

Where: San Ignacio, Belize

Owner: Francis Ford Coppola

His colleague Robert De Niro in “Godfather II” producer Francis Ford Coppola is the proud owner of this natural shelter, consisting of 20 rooms – where waterfalls tumble their jungle above the turquoise waters, which are then collected in Maya Mountains. Blancaneaux Lodge has luxurious cabins, whose design fits perfectly with the natural environment, complete with thatched roofs, terraces and outdoor hammocks. On the banks of the river Privassion, waterfall spa offers a variety of treatments and massages, and the icing on the cake is a hot water pool where you can include eyes all waterfalls in the region.

Sundance Resort

The Hotels Stars (1)

Where: Sundance, Utah

Owner: Robert Redford

Sundance Resort takes place on more than 20 million square meters, the mountain peaks Timpanogos in Utah’s Wasatch Range. Ski resort in winter, summer attractions include rides his chair, bicycle tours, fishing, hiking and horseback riding. Accommodation is in private houses of wood, burning homes in fire, the piece de resistance being the Cuckoo’s Nest (Cuckoo’s Nest): three floors plus indoor pool .

 Palazzo Versace

The Hotels Stars (3)

Where: Queensland, Australia

Owner: Donatella Versace

As you expect from an Italian fashion designer, everything in this huge and luxurious retreat on the Gold Coast of Australia (location name itself makes you think a designer) has a hint of extravagance – including private yacht harbor full of , Water Salon – an oasis of wonderful scenery of the beach chalets in the presence of a celebrity hairdresser, Oscar Cullinan. All these come at a price as – for a room rate starts at £ 300, but it includes free bottle of perfume Versace.

Big Sleep Hotel

The Hotels Stars (9)

Where: Eastbourne

Owner: John Malkovich

Owned by a Hollywood megastar, Big Sleep Hotel offers affordable accommodation on the seafront in Eastbourne (chain has hotels in Cardiff and Cheltenham). Room price starts from 25 pounds per night with breakfast, but with a specific elegant, minimalist decor, an excellent location and lovely views of the sea, for which you expect to pay more money. Price-quality ratio is excellent, but the chances of giving nose to nose in the hotel bar with actor, director and producer of top are minimal.

Mission Ranch

The Hotels Stars (4)

Where: Caramel

Owner: Clint Eastwood

How cool can be to say that you sleep on his farm Clint Eastwood? The charm lies not only in that it owns – is charming and the property itself, which covers an area of ​​nearly 90,000 square meters and offers distinct places, including rustic Bunkhouse, Farmhouse – dating from 1850 and Meadowview rooms which have jacuzzi, fireplace, landscaped yard or balcony space. Then there is a restaurant and a piano bar where live music is played and the food is served to specific farms, creating the perfect setting, specifically American, that you give back. Find antique stove – which appears in the film “Unforgiven,” directed by Clint Eastwood.


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