The Highest Auction Sale Record Set by Christie’s

Christie’s is currently the world’s largest arts business and fine arts auction house. Its headquarters are located in Rockefeller Plaza New York and in London King Street. In recent news, the famed international auction house recently hit the spotlight as it set a new record regarding the highest sale total in auction history.

The Highest Auction Sale Record Set by Christie's

During the Post-War & Contemporary evening sale, Christie’s accumulated $495 million by making available a series of sought after and trendy works of art including Abstract Expressionist and Pop & Contemporary masterpieces made by Lichtenstein, Rothko, Pollock and Basquiat. Pieces from the Collection of Celeste and Armand Bartos and the Estate of Andy Williams were worth 30.2 million and $46 million respectively, while the most successful bid by far was for a number 19, 1948 by Pollock that was sold for $58 million (more than double its estimate).

There were also many other paintings that were sold for high figures. Nine of them were purchased for over $10 million, three for over $40 million, fifty-nine for over $1 million and twenty-three for over $5 million.

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