The FitWet Jet Bike Is An Exercise Bike In A Hot Tub

Relaxation and exercise in power rarely exists, but Wet Jet Bike Fit creators dared to combine. The device combines a stationary bike and a tub underwater, which together manage to make exercise more attractive. While pedaling, 12 water jets massage you and relaxes your muscles. It is believed that cellulite is reduced. Whether true or not, it’s still better than ride in full sunThere will be working buttock muscles, thighs, abdominals and those of the leg. In total there are 800 calories burned per hour. Those who thought the device say 30 minutes on Jet Biking is equivalent to two hours on a standard bike.There are currently no price details.

The FitWet Jet Bike is an exercise bike in a hot tub (6)

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