The First Silver Motorcycle in the World is Worth $164,000

Even though a lot of automobile and motorcycle enthusiasts decide to drench their beloved vehicles in precious metals each and every day, we all know that underneath that coat of bling usually lays an ordinary body made from not so precious materials. Well there is now a very good exception to this rule, which comes in the form of a magnificent motorcycle made out of silver.

The First Silver Motorcycle in the World is Worth $164,000

This unique bike is the world’s first silver motorcycle, and it was unveiled in India during the International Jewelry show. This outstanding creation was sketched out by the chairman of the Silver Emporium, Kantilal Mehta himself, and it required six months of hard work to complete. The Silver Emporium is ready to create even more silver bikes in the near future, each boasting price tags between $82,000 and $164,000 depending on engine size and model.

If you are interested in owning such a superb motorcycle then you should contact the company and work out the details, but in the meantime, you can admire this particular one by browsing through the following pictures.



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