The First Restaurant in The World without Waiters

At Nuremberg and the first restaurant opened its doors in the world without waiters, the command and dishes are entirely automated release. Unusual building was opened by Michael Mack and is called, ‘s Baggers “. The idea of such a restaurant came after a party with friends, who remained “without legs,” running to serve guests. How to do so the food will come from the kitchen table at visitor? At,, ‘s Baggers “customers order

The First Restaurant in The World without Waiters (2)

food through a contact screen on the table. Pay on the spot with a card-smart. To deliver meals meet a long the original rails, which ships with the specialty food down to the table. Similarly, there are bottle holders. Food stop just above the table on a special support client – a smaller table, where the person takes the order. This system is so effective because it is simple and rational. Once the customer order bits, the computer sends the list of ingredients in the pantry, and the list of dishes – the kitchen.

Thus, the waiting time is minimized and never large queues. The only workers in the room are several people responsible for cleaning tables. On the one hand, all this cool machine may offend some gourmets on the other hand, this ingenious system because the risk of being victim disappears grossness of waiters.


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