The Figures Behind The Iron Giant Golden Gate in San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge, located in the western United States in California, was inaugurated on May 27, 1937.Bridge logo, who was named after the narrow place in the San Francisco Bay meets the Pacific Ocean, and it is the highest and the longest suspension bridge in the world.Although the time was overthrown by other buildings, bridge in San Francisco remains a masterpiece of modern engineering, the construction which took four years and 35 million dollars.

The Figures Behind The Iron Giant Golden Gate in San Francisco (10)

During construction of the bridge there were 14 fatalities.Bridge construction required great technical achievement, being for some time the longest suspension bridge in the world, measuring 2332 m by suspended.Highest mast is 227 m, main cables and the thickness is 92 cm.The bridge weighs 887,000 tons and 600,000 rivets required.

The bridge has two main towers that support the two main cables. Each tower rises 227 feet above the water, which is half the height of the Empire State Building.Each tower weighs 44,000 tons each, meaning the weight of 6,000 African elephants high.The total length of the two main cables used to support the bridge is over 128,000 kilometers and together weigh 24,500 tons.Since opening in 1937 until last April, the bridge was crossed 2 billion cars. On average, 120,000 vehicles cross it daily and 41 million each year.

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