The Ferrari FF Tuning Kit from Wheelsandmore

The Ferrari FF received a new tuning kit bearing the Wheelsandmore signature, featuring sleek and elegant design elements along with incredible performance upgrades.

The Ferrari FF Tuning Kit from Wheelsandmore (11)

Performance-wise, the tuning package offers two possible performance boosting stages. Stage 1 is a cheaper variant, it costs 3,782 EUR ($5 148) and it includes chip tuning and  an ECU remap, increasing the engine’s horsepower by 24 over the original configuration. Stage 2 is the expensive choice, it costs 9,244 EUR ($12 584) and it includes a new exhaust system with adjustable valves and an extra ECU upgrade that adds 40 horsepower.

In other words, Stage 1 boosts the power to 684 horsepower while Stage 2 takes it to 700.

Visually, Wheelsandmore plans on installing a new coilover and spring kit, lowering the car by 25mm. Additionally, the kit features a set of 6 Sporz² ultralight forged wheels measuring 21×9.5 in the front, 22×12 at the rear, enveloped in high end Pirelli P Zero Nero rubber for massive grip and stunning looks.

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