The Engagement Rings of Celebrity

The Engagement Rings of Celebrity (22)

The Engagement Rings of Celebrity (22)

Engagement ring and fame have many things in common, but by far the eccentricity could be the defining feature.Engagement ring is a jewel coveted by many women and a true trophy for celebrities, not reluctant to invest huge sums in unique pieces, decorated with diamonds and sprinkled with “love is priceless.” And the amount can be up to $ 5 million.

Kim Kardashian, married to Kris Humphries

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian married to Kris Humphries, American basketball star.Dress of Kim Kardashian, aged 30, was signed by designer Vera Wang, shoes were created by Giuseppe Zanotti and wedding rings were made by Lorraine Schwartz.Engagement ring, created all of Lorraine Schwartz, but it is a masterpiece in terms of jewelry. Unique, with 20.5 carat diamond, engagement ring worth $ 2 million is the largest Kardashian family. That says something .

Kristin Cavallari, engaged to Jay Cutler

The Engagement Rings of Celebrity (21)

Kristin Cavallari, actress known for her role in The Hills, has accepted the engagement request for Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler in April, just seven months since they met.Despite the apparent happiness of the pair, the two broke up shortly after the engagement announcement. Officially, the two are together again, but since September, have resumed their relationship and try to settle the dispute. May wedding planned for spring will have a happy ending, after all .

Natalie Portman, married with Benjamin Millepied

The Engagement Rings of Celebrity (5)

Natalie Portman couple story choreographer Benjamin Millepied and is but as can be anchored in reality, as evidenced even by choosing the engagement ring. According to sources, Benjamin created an engagement ring for Natalie Cross, whose value reached 35,000 dollars.Recycled platinum, a vintage stone and diamonds taken from a mine-free conflict were the main ingredients that have shown that the current Natalie’s husband is the kind of man carefully the causes of concern for her.

Kate Middleton, married with Prince William

The Engagement Rings of Celebrity (10)

Notice that the choice for celebrities engagement ring is more than just a fancy expensive jewelry. In the case of Natalie, the evidence was an engagement ring made ​​according to its values​​.For the Princess Catherine, the story behind the jewelry was more important, this first engagement ring worn by Diana in 1981. It cost £ 30,000 at the time and is made of 14 diamonds surrounding a sapphire.

Katy Perry, married with Russell Brand

The Engagement Rings of Celebrity (20)

The couple made ​​up of Katy Perry and Russell Brand seems truly blessed. There was little surprise to us when we learned that their engagement, after a relationship occurred only three months, even blessed by a “love guru” in India.

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