The Bridge House in Cape Town

The lovely residence was designed by Van Der merwe Miszewski Architects and is located  in City Bowl, an area of Cape Town, South Africa.Called the Bridge House it is up for rent here all year long, with prices ranging from $700 to $2,700 per night.The place when it is situated are views of Table Mountain, Devils Peak, Lions Head and Signal Hill, the adjacent Pine forest, the City, the Harbour, the Atlantic Ocean, and beyond.

The Bridge House in Cape Town (23)

A pool and stream, flowing to a pond, were inserted into the dry riverbed.The architects said that the intensive planting will regenerate the garden.The structures form the boundary between the street (public space) and inner landscape (private space), of which the adjacent Pine forest also forms a part.Also they said that “ Found pathways and steps have been reinstated and added to. The Bridge is the “Main House” (site 1); containing entry, living spaces and main bedrooms. Adjacent to the bridge are the Garage and Guest quarters (site 2). At the base of the site, the Donga House (for visitors) spans over the pond (site 3).”



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