The Best Paid Celebrities of 2012

Apparently last year was more than kind to 23-year-old Taylor Swift as she reportedly earned no less than $57 million in 2012. The stunning amount of money she made last year landed her on the third place in the top of the best paid women in entertainment. The first two places were taken by Oprah Winfrey and Britney Spears. The Oscar-winning actress Anne Hathaway, who had important parts in both Les Miserables and The Dark Knight Rises, is estimated to have earned $10 million during 2012.

The Best Paid Celebrities of 2012

Brad Pitt brought in $7 million from his Channel No. 5 commercials alone. Last year he also launched a furniture collection made up of club chairs, a bed, a dining table and other items. For this limited edition line of furniture, the actor collaborated with designer Frank Pollaro. The total income of the Hollywood star for 2012 is estimated at around $35.5 million.

Mark Harmon might have earned a generous $38 million last year, but the future seems to have something even better in store for him as rumor has it that his current salary of $500,000 per episode will receive a raise.

Pop sensation Justin Bieber brought in $55 million in 2012, which translates into earning about $6,261 per hour. His amazing income was generated mostly by touring, the woman fragrance line that he launched and his investments in tech startups.

Other well-paid celebrities include Channing Tatum ($15 million), Blake Shelton ($20 million), Adele ($32 million) and Alec Baldwin ($15 million).

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