The Amazing Nixie Wearable Flying Camera

Feeling a little self-conscious whenever you take a selfie? People want to take pictures of themselves in various situations, especially when they don’t want to ever forget a special moment, but pulling out your camera or phone and turning it towards you to take a shot is a pretty narcissistic thing to do, they say.

The Amazing Nixie Wearable Flying Camera

If you don’t want to seem like a self-obsessed person that can’t live without admiring their face very five minutes, then you might get quite excited about the really cool Nixie wearable flying camera concept that Christoph Kohstall invented. He made it for the Wearable Technology Challenge by Intel, and he is one of the finalists in the competition at this moment.

The Nixie is a wristband with an incorporated camera, but not just any wristband. The device is supposed to be able to easily take off from your arm and fly away at an optimum distance from where it can take photos and videos of you doing fun and memorable stuff. Then it knows to come back to you and you can grab it from its flight and rest it on your wrist again. It sounds great to us, and we kind of hope it will enter production one day!

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