The $8 million Rolls Royce Phantom Cast in Gold

Watches ,copiers,phones,skateboards,yachts of gold it is time for a car. Liverpool-Based Stuart Hughes has now decided to collaborate with Swiss company Eurocash AG.What car is it?It’s about of  out with a gold kissed and armored Rolls Royce Phantom. The bespoke Phatntom will be done up using 120 kg of 18 carat gold, and will feature protection ballistic checked and certified by the Germen Government Beschussamt München that offers protection against assaults by Kalaschnikov AK 47, Dragunov with coplet that can take about 570 shots and also 2 Hand ranades DM all at ones.

The $8 million Rolls Royce Phantom Cast in Gold (2)

We can say just  wow.It is one impressive list.The interior? Of course it is done up in gold.The owner  is  an anonymous Middle Eastern Businessman, the entire vehicle was ready in about 18 months, including the full amour. Priced at £5 million ($8.1 million), it’s quite an impressive task but who wouldn’t like such a car ?Take a look at these stunning pictures and say that this car impressed you.

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