The $3.7 Million Billionaire Vodka is the World’s Most Expensive

Guess Verres wasn’t kidding when he named this Vodka  which is by far the most expensive one in the world. After doling out the popular Le Billionaire Champagne way back in 2009 for $2.75 million per bottle, the Billionaire Vodka is not for those with weak-wallets, as it just gets more expensive with its $3.7 million price tag!

The $3.7 Million Billionaire Vodka is the World's Most Expensive (2)

The bottle would contain 5 liters of the “clearest and smoothest Russian vodka” and comes studded with 3,000 shimmering white diamonds.Once again the diamonds aren’t missing.But why diamonds?Because  Being a animal rights activist as well as PETA supporter, Verres declined to use real fur on the bottle and has instead made use of white faux fur.

If you don’t want 5 liters of vodka at your disposal, you can opt for half liter bottles of the “diamond-filtered” vodka instead. The bottle comes with white gloves meant to be used while serving the alcohol. The gloves too would have the golden Billionaire vodka logo. The Billionaire vodka will only be available in carefully selected bars, lounges and restaurants across the globe.

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