The 10 Most Impressive Big Things in Australia

The 10 Most Impressive Big Things in Australia

The 10 Most Impressive Big Things in Australia

A so-called ‘Big Thing’ is, as the name suggests, a larger scale replica of a smaller item/creature. These Big Things are usually placed outside stores or on highways in Australia. Perhaps the most famous Big Thing is the Big Banana set in Coff’s Harbour. Despite being 42 feet long and 16 feet tall, it isn’t even close to being the biggest thing in Australia. The title for the first Big Thing is held by the Big Scotsman, which is set in Medindie and was built around the same time as the Big Banana. Another item that is pretty well-known is the Giant Pineapple that, unfortunately, didn’t make the list, as it measures only 52 feet in height and 19 feet in width.

10.The Giant Koala, Stawell

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Frankly, this Big Thing couldn’t get more Australian than this. It is 26 feet wide and 45 meters tall and it was crafted of bronze by Ben Van Zetton back in 1988. Also known as the “Guardian of the Grampians” or Sam, this huge koala bear faces the Grampian mountain range and is situated at Danswell Bridge, which is close to Stawell. The koala has its own ice-cream stand and even a tavern you can visit.

9.The Big Pheasant, Tynong

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If you ever visited the Gumbuya Park, it is impossible not to have noticed this 55-foot tall Big Thing. You’re probably wondering what a pheasant has to do with an amusement park. Well, the park was a pheasant farm until 1978, when it was turned into what it is today. This amusement park is a great place for many fun activities, including tobogganing, water sliding, playing mini golf and even meeting kangaroos and wallabies. It is located in Tynong, which is a small town situated to the south east of Melbourne. Back in October 2011 a 23-year-old Poowong man wrecked the pheasant by destroying its rear with explosive. However, by April 2012 it was as good as new.

8.The Big Mandarin

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This gigantic mandarin is located in Mandubbara, Queensland and is, in fact, an ice-cream stand in disguise. Surprisingly, it is not the biggest citrus fruit in Australia. It measures 49 feet in width and 36 feet tall. Mandubbara actually translates into “Meeting of the Waters” or “Footsteps in the Trees” and the reason why the region is called Mandubbara is that it is near the place of meeting of the Boyne, Auburn and Burnett rivers. Another interesting fact that is relevant to the story of the big mandarin is that the town is a large producer of citrus fruits, being the self-proclaimed Queensland’s citrus capital. Back in 1933 is when Henry Zipf planted the first citrus orchards there.

7.The Big Orange, Berri

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While on the topic of citrus fruits, we cannot forget this large orange. Although it is only 3 feet one way larger than the Big Mandarin, it takes the crown for the biggest citrus fruit in Australia. It stands at 49 feet above the ground, it is 39 feet wide and it was built in 1980. It used to house a fully operating business and is considered to be the largest sphere in the Southern Hemisphere. It passed from owner to owner over the time. It has four levels inside, which include a lookout room and a café/souvenir shop. Its last sale took place in 2011 and the Big Orange hasn’t been put to any use since.

6.The Big Barrel, Bundaberg

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The shape of this Big Thing is quite suggestive of the business found inside. It is a tourist attraction that has a visitor center, which celebrates the local ginger beer. The Big Barrel is equipped with “Doug’s Promised Land”, which is a 3D hologram adventure. Despite being 78 by 32 feet, the construction is dismissed by some “connoisseurs” as being just a building disguised as a Big Thing, not a veritable one. This attraction is situated in Queensland in the vicinity of Moore Park. The city it is located in also has access to the southern end of the stunning Great Barrier Reef.

5.The Big Lobster, Kingston

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This Big Thing was given the name of Larry the Lobster by the locals. The size of the item was actually a misunderstanding, as the measurements that were described in feet were read in meters. It was designed by Paul Kelly, the process of building it took less than 6 months and it was initially planned to be a roof ornament. It measures 55 x 49 x 42 feet and is placed in front of the Kath and Eric Peltz-owned restaurant and a visitor center.

The lobster became a very popular attraction and even got its own souvenir shop. The owners said that maintenance isn’t all that difficult and time-consuming, as they just paint it in a combination of orange black and white every once in a few years. The only challenge that they faced to date was replacing its front feelers, as they were damaged due to a storm.

4.The Big Dugong, Rockhampton

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We should probably explain what a dugong is. It is a big marine mammal that resembles a manatee. This specific dugong is 72 x 39 feet and can be found outside the Rockhampton Dreamtime Cultural Center, a place dedicated to the culture of the Aborigines. The Cultural Center offered guided tours that can bring the tourists steps closer to understanding the dream state that the people in the Darambal tribe manage to attain. The connection to the marine mammal is that the Aborigines seem to favor its meat.

3.The Big Merino, Goulburn

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Big Merino is in fact a 49 x 59-foot ram that was built to honor the Australian wool industry back in 1985. For its design we have to thank Louis and Attila Mokany. The Hume Highway started bypassing the city of the Big ram in 1992, which resulted in it losing numerous visitors and its popularity. To draw attention back to Merino, it was then moved by 2,624 feet so that it would be viewable from the highway. It currently features a souvenir store where you can acquire wool-related items and an exhibition where you can learn more about Australia’s wool industry.

2.The Big Rocking Horse, Gumeracha

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This Big Thing is yet another tribute, this time in honor of the wooden toy factory that is housed in the same complex. The 59 x 55-foot rocking horse was unveiled in 1981, is located in Adelaide Hills and its design is courtesy of John Twopenny and David McIntosh. This, however, it is not the first mascot of the company. The first one was built in 1973 and was a 16-foot tall giraffe chosen by Wal Wilkinson, the owner of the factory, to represent the brand. The giraffe was followed by a rocking horse that stood 9 feet above the ground and then by a 16-foot tall one. The Big Rocking Horse is the company’s fourth and final mascot. The process of building it lasted 8 months. The rocking horse eventually came into the possession of a couple from South Africa. It boasts 3 viewing platforms from which you can admire the surroundings.

1.The Giant Worm, Bass

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This Big Thing is actually an earthworm museum that has a shape based on the Giant Gippsland earthworm. The structure measures an impressive 820 x 13 feet and is the longest on our list. The town in which this Big Thing is situated is located on the Bass Coast and consists of a fairly small community of around 937 people.

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