Technology or Magic? Samsung Wants to Revolutionize the Market

Can you imagine watching a film on a transparent tablet, three-dimensional?It may seem a thing of science fiction for you, but know that Samsung plans to surprise fans and competitors with the new 3D tablets, which users can handle them at will.Samsung wants to launch the latest generation of tablets in 2012, namely: flexible screen, transparent, only 3 millimeters thick, which render 3D images.”Tablet future,” as was called by specialists, code-named “AMOLED” and provides real-time translation, shooting and shooting three-dimensional format.

Amoled (1)

South Korean manufacturer of electronics is an important competitor in the field of flexible gadgets that will be launched next year.Finnish group Nokia is working on similar technology.According to British journalists, will be the first flexible screens of mobile phones and tablets later appear tangible.Furthermore, experts believe that technology will develop so much that, soon, computer processors will reach the size of a pen, and screens will be as thin as papers.


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