Technologically Advanced Gear 2 Smartwatch by Samsung

As we’ve come to expect from a prestigious company such as Samsung, its latest Gear 2 Smartwatch is in sync with some of the most advanced technologies available. This compact yet very advanced gadget is directly related to its Gear 2 Neo counterpart, but where the Gear 2 features its own embedded digital camera, the Gear 2 Neo does not.

Gear 2 Smartwatch by Samsung 2

Aside from this rather significant detail, the 2 smartwatches are powered by the same 1 GHz processor and feature the same Tizen OS and 1.63-inch touchscreen. As we get closer and closer to the official release of these very promising smartwatches in April, we’re bound to find out more about how they work and what they can do. Until then, we invite you to admire these stunning gadgets by browsing through the following image gallery.

Gear 2 Smartwatch by Samsung 1 Gear 2 Smartwatch by Samsung 3 Gear 2 Smartwatch by Samsung 4

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