Tata Nano, the Cheapest Car in The World, Becomes Jewel

Ratan Tata, head of the Indian group Tata, the Nano model presented in Mumbai whose value is estimated at 4.68 million dollars. It seems a joke, but it is not. Incredible vehicle is covered with 80 kilograms of gold, 15 silver and 10,000 pounds of precious and semiprecious stones.

Tata Nano, the Cheapest Car in The World, Becomes Jewel (2)

What car should have been the Indian people became, in pursuit of image and reputation.The head of the second industrial group in India was keen to demonstrate that small town can become a car Nano exclusive luxury and ordered that his subaltenilor burduşească one of the models produced with precious and semiprecious stones – not less than 10,000 – and to cover the body with gold and silver.The result is a kitsch whose estimated value, calculated according to the current price of gold ingot, exceeding 4.68 million dollars.

Launched on the market with great noise and ad-hoc declared as Indian middle class car, Tata Nano has proved a semi-failure.At least so far. In 2008, due to excessive promotion, the model had over 100,000 orders coming from people who saw no vehicle.Since the launch and so far only just over 70,000 units were sold, many willing withdrawing its orders made​​.This despite the fact that it tried to recover the image of the vehicle, hit by technical problems, lack of security and delayed deliveries, by updating security systems, and electrical outlet. In August, only 1202 units were sold Nano, down 88% compared to April when 10 012 units went on the factory gate.



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