Tanami Road

One of the most desolate stretches of the planet can be met rare species of wild creatures, amazing landscapes and wonders of Waripiri aboriginal artefacts . Despite her name, Tanami way is, actually, a highway -well, an unpaved highway, but very well maintained -which cross one of the most arid and isolated areas from the Earth, Tanami Dessert. As majority of the roads which cross Australia, this road was originally one of the route which were driven herds of cattle, linking Alice Springs of North Territory and Halls Creek, from Western Australia.

Tanami Road (6)

At north of Alice Springs, the way submits along Macdonnell Mountain slopes, giving beautiful mountain landscapes with rocks, impressive cliffs and dried riverbeds.Beyond the mountains there are reddish sandy plains on whose surface increases bundles of herbs and spinifex bushes and hills which sometimes rises and isolated groves, landscapes framed by the Autralian blue sky.

On the road, you can visit Aboriginal communities called Warlpiri,Yuendumu and Balgo (or Wirrimanu), artistic and cultural centers where you can meet artists working with traditional and modern means.Isolated cattle farms and prosperous gold mines are the only signs of human presence in the area.

Optim period:Between April and October because there is risk that in the wet season, Sturt Valley located at the end of the route will be flooded.

Travel time:The distance traveled is 1005 km and takes two days. At night you will sleep in tents.

To know: You can participate a tour with a four-wheel drive vehicle or rent personal use from Alice Springs.Before leaving, make sure that you have obtained permission from Central Territorial Council to visit the  Tanami Desert Animals Reservation.To stop and explore Yuendumu and territories need a license again.

Used information: Besides camping equipment make sure to have water as two trips.Water from dams and fountains on the road is not drinking.

Attractions: Granite quarry located in the north west of Alice Springs you can enjoy the atmosphere of times past and the buildings of the 1930s.

Newhaven Reserve of 263,045 hectares of dunes, salt lakes and river clay lies 364km northwest of Alice Springs and home to many species of birds (nocturnal parrots ).


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