Tamara Ecclestone Has Bathtub of 1,5 Million Dollars

Tamara Ecclestone, a daughter of Bernie Ecclestone, Formula 1 owner, lives in luxury.Beauty does not forbid to purchase very expensive, but if last surpasses all. Young bought a tub of of 1,5 million dollars.Tamara Ecclestone not refuse any pleasure. 27 years young has taken a fall of 1.5 million dollars. Because attachment is pebble.Petra Ecclestone was recently in news when she bought the most expensive home in the U.S named as The Manor. The house is spread on 4.7 acres and has a suite named for England’s Prince Charles. The house costs $150 million and belongs to this 22-year-old female

Tamara Ecclestone Has Bathtub of 1,5 Million Dollars (1)

Tamara Ecclestone who is not shy of shouting out about her expensive investment said “It’s costing £1 million because I’ve got to reinforce the floor and I’ve had to pay for everyone’s travel and the hauling back and polishing of the crystal. But I spend a lot of time in the bath so it’s worth it.”

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