Swingrest by Daniel Pouzet

Dedo is a 20-year-old German manufacturer that specializes in exquisite outdoor furniture. You might recognize him as the creator of a hanging lounge called Nestrest and of a beach chair that can perform a 360-degrees rotation entitled Summer Cloud. His latest creation was designed by Daniel Pouzet. Swingrest is similar to Nestrest in many aspects, including the basket-like bottom, and was the first item ever produced by the label’s Outdoor Living Lab located in the Philippines. From the same category, the Manu Nest Hanging chair is a great alterative to add to your backyard. The piece is shaped like a cocoon and its very special feature is the fact that it is made of volcanic rock.

Swingrest by Daniel Pouzet (7)

Swingrest is available in a color scheme that was thought of in such a manner that it would blend into a natural environment. Of course, nobody can stop you from placing it inside your home. Much attention was paid to the suspension system to provide with the most comfortable experience possible. A fabric curtain for when the sun is too hot is also available.

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