Suspended Park in the Heart of Manhattan

New York has a new attraction. A landscaped green space on a railway line situated at height. It does not have too many trees, but there are grass and even mini-lakes and very special place already conquered the local’s demanding. About 3 million people will relax here until the end.

Suspended Park in the Heart of Manhattan (4)

Park “High Line”, is arranged on a decommissioned rail line. The architects of this place, although without any experience, have worked 10 years to see their dream come true.

“I’m a dreamer, but I never dreamed it would be a big success. I could not believe it until I realized that I have inaugurated the park. And then I knew it would be many ways in which everything could crumble: legal, planning problems, the community, “said Robert Hammond, co-founder High Line.

Success with which High Line has captivated people far exceeded the hopes and founders’ expectations. And the park is not even finished. The third portion, the final stretch to the Hudson River.Until then, the founders of the park is trying to promote the project.Have recently made ​​a documentary about railway lines as they appear in movies over time.



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