Susan Ann Hamm Asks for Settlement of Over $5bn

It seems like some marriages haven’t been all about sticking together until death does them apart lately. A prenuptial agreement can turn a divorce, from a devastating event, to a quite enjoyable one, since you get plenty of money out of it. Ivana Trump’s saying “Don’t get mad, get everything” from the 1996 movie The First Wives Club seems to have become a motto for some women. Sue Ann Hamm is truly a great example in this case. She is the second wife of oil baron Harold Hamm, a man who is considered to be worth an amazing $11.3. Sue Ann Hamm teamed up with an economist and a lawyer and aims to get herself the most astounding settlement in history. She will allegedly gain more than $5 billion from the divorce.

Susan Ann Hamm Asks for Settlement of Over $5bn

The oil baron is not the first man to lose large amounts of money in a divorce. Mel Gibson, for instance, lost $425 million in the divorce, which, at the time, meant half of his wealth. Sue Ann Hamm is filing for divorce because her husband allegedly committed adultery. She could get half of the oilman’s 68% share of the oil giant Continental Resources. The company was founded back in 1967 by Harold Hamm. Sue Ann is not the first wife ever to demand such impressive amounts of money. Tiger Wood’s ex-wife asked for somewhere between $750 million and $833 million at separation, whereas the wife of wealthy Russian Dmitry Rybolovlev demanded $5.77 billion. The divorce cost Steve Wynn no less than $1 billion.

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