Surfing The “Fair-Waves” On A Golfboard

No one likes to walk the golf course on Saturday morning unless you happen to be a tour player on his or her way to crushing the field in a Major Championship. Though if you cruise around in a golf cart you ensure that you will get absolutely no exercise. Looking to find a good balance between the two options, the Golfboard was born.

Surfing The "Fair-Waves" On A Golfboard (4)

Snowboard addict Don Wildman (who’s more famously known for starting Bally Total Fitness) was cruising around his local Malibu golf course on an electric skateboard, when it struck him – why not build one that also serves as your personal caddy? He then teamed up with surf icon Laird Hamilton to create the perfect way to hop from hole to hole. It’s a high performance electric board, equipped with 4 off-road tires to tackle any terrain you’ll encounter out there, and a built-in bag holder attached the steering handle bars. The Golfboard is currently for sale after a successful Kickstarter campaign, and retails for about $6,500.

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