Supermodel Designer Claudia Schiffer

Present at Salvatore Ferragamo show in Milan in German supermodel Claudia Schiffer in 2010 revealed to the public today that it will enter patter in designers guild. The model nicknamed “The Body” released shortly after his own clothing line. The collection was called Cashmere fabric made ​​of fine cashmere brand in collaboration with Iris von Arnim German knitwear.

Supermodel Designer Claudia Schiffer (11)

“Claudia is a global fashion icon, a woman with a sense of stiulului impeccable,” said von Arnim designer. Line reflects the personal style of supermodel. “We have the same values ​​and I was delighted to have found a company that is able to interpret my vision. Effortlessly chic. That’s the idea “said Schiffer. Cardigan’s oversized, knitted sweaters, dresses and shirts that define loose body are just some of the songs that they propose to build Claudia’s casual outfit.

With prices starting at 250 and go up to £ 1,200, says the supermodel is not intended line of celebrities. “I do not want to be a collection designed for the stars. It was created as a business term, not a passport to fame, “said Claudia. Collection can be purchased in 50 stores worldwide and online sites Net-a-Porter and Colette.

To promote their clothing line Cashmere, Claudia realized in collaboration with photographer Camilla Akrans the SUM and the advertising campaign. The atmosphere makes you think surprised to cloudy days and colors that nature draws them fall.

Although born a year after the third child, supermodel, who turned 40 this year, is shaped like never before. Claudia Schiffer is the star and the cover for Vogue Germany August 2011.


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