Superb Trevox 223 Residence in Naucalpan, Mexico

The Trevox 223 residence can be found in Naucalpan, Mexico, and it was designed by a company named CRAFT Arquitectos. This magnificent 10,763 square foot apartment building was completed in 2010, and it now stands ready to provide exquisite accommodation options as well as utmost privacy.

Superb Trevox 223 Residence in Naucalpan, Mexico (2)

The construction project involved the incorporation of a pre-existing 40-year old building and creating separate living arrangements for each family member while not interfering too much with the original setup. The architects in charge of the project were faced with a series of problems regarding the building’s location, since it was placed within a crowded and noisy setting that restricted privacy and overall comfort. The solution came in the form of a high-end bronze Reflecta glass facade, which ensures privacy by restricting views towards the interior. Furthermore, the windows were shaped as squares in order to shield the building from direct wind force, limiting aerodinamicity and redirecting airflow while filtering sunlight. This way, the residents can enjoy a cool interior atmosphere even during the hottest days, which helps save power consumption that would otherwise be spent on full-time air conditioning services.

The interior arrangements were designed with minimalism and modernism in mind, flaunting high quality furnishings, state-of-the-art facilities and exquisite conveniences throughout. The building was divided into two separate blocks linked together through interior bridges, which resulted in an interior garden that serves as a relaxation place while linking the main areas of the abode. Moreover, clever interior lighting arrangements complemented by pockets of natural sunlight help create different settings in different areas of the house. Why don’t you have a look at the following images and admire the sheer beauty of this amazing abode up close?

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