Superb Prambanan Temple Compound in Indonesia

Widely known as the most spectacular Hindu temples in the world, the temples at the Prambanan Compound in Indonesia are truly a magnificent sight to behold. With a rich historical heritage and absolutely stunning architectural details, this compound represents a highly appreciated tourist attraction and pilgrimage site, more so since it is shrouded in mystery and legend.

Prambanan Temple (4)

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is definitely the largest Hindu temple site in Indonesia, boasting a stunning centerpiece structure that is 154 feet tall and is surrounded by a series of smaller temples. The compound was built in the 9th century during the reigns of two kings named Rakai Balitung and Rakai Pikatan.  The complex includes three main temples dedicated to Trimiutri named Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu. The temples were named after the three gods representing the Hindu triad, namely Shiva the destroyer, Brahma the creator and Vishnu the preserver. Each of these temples were built facing east and are accompanied by a series of smaller temples such as Nandini for Shiva, Angsa for Brahma, and Garuda for Vishnu. There is also a second area of the compound, which includes 224 temples.

The tallest of the three aforementioned temples is the one dedicated to Shiva, and it consists of 4 rooms. The main room boasts a superb statue of Shiva, while the other three include statues of Shiva’s wife, teacher and son. To the north of the Shiva temple, we find the Vishnu temple, which features a single room with a Vishnu statue within, while the Brahma temple can be found to the south, containing a single room and a statue of its esteemed god.

Many guests are also intrigued by the temple’s various reliefs used to depict the story of Ramanya, which has been passed down to generations by way of oral speech. Other reliefs symbolize the Kalpataru tree, which is generally known as the Tree of Life, Harmony and Eternity. The reliefs go on and on, depicting birds and other animals in such vivid detail that amazes biologists even to this day.

The exquisite beauty of the surrounding gardens and the sheer magnificence of its temples enable the Prambanan Temple Compound to be one of the most amazing places to visit in Indonesia. While you pack your bags and prepare for the trip, we encourage you to have a look at the following images for a preview.

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