Superb Mini-Me Fashion Collection for Children by Burberry

Since Burberry’s Autumn/ Winter 2013 collection proved to be such a great success, the renowned British luxury fashion house decided to replicate the line’s highlights and create a lovely new collection of children apparel.

Superb Mini-Me Fashion Collection for Children by Burberry (12)

The new Mini-Me fashion collection by Burberry comprises a comprehensive list of clothing alternatives that boast joyful patterns and high-quality materials, including mini-trench coats,  baby- sized dresses and cute hi- top trainers. The dominating theme seems to be based on animal prints and heart-shaped patterns, even though some clothing pieces were designed with simplicity and elegance in mind.

Apart from the aforementioned alternatives, this dashing children’s collection also includes a lavish cashmere sweater flaunting heart patterns as well as a trendy military style jacket that is sure to turn heads instantly. The sweater comes with a steep price tag of approximately $1120 due to its high quality fabrics, while the jacket should cost about $460.

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