Superb Kings Canyon in Northern Territory, Australia

If you ever find yourself traveling across the deserts of Northern Australia, then you should definitely make the time and visit the Kings Canyon in Watarrka National Park. This vast, beautiful and ancient natural landmark is home to some of the most exquisite species of plants and animals in Australia, some being found exclusively in the region.

Kings Canyon (6)

The massive sandstone walls of Kings Canyon soar up to a height of 328 feet and provide breathtaking views of the Kings Creek below. The Watarrka National Park is inhabited by the Luritja Aboriginal people for millennia, and so certain areas of the site are considered sacred and therefore shouldn’t be disturbed by visitors. Actually, tourists are encouraged to enjoy their stay by trekking along one of the three main walks at Kings Canyon, namely the Kings Creek Walk, the Kings Canyon Rim Walk and the Giles Track. The Giles Track stretches across 13 miles and is usually recommended for more experienced hikers. The Kings Canyon Rim Walk takes between 3 to 4 hours to traverse as it measures 3.7 miles and goes in a loop around the top of the canyon. The trail beings with a steep climb named Heartbreak Hill that leads towards the top of the canyon, providing tourists with a great opportunity to view the stunning sights. Halfway into the walk, visitors arrive at the so-called Garden of Eden, which was named this way because of its permanent waterhole and lush, green vegetation. The Kings Creek Walk goes across the bottom of the gorge and it is the shortest of the three, lasting for 1 hour and measuring 1.2 miles.

If you are going to visit this amazing place, we have to recommend you do it in the early hours of the day as the heat can become unbearable in the afternoon. Don’t forget to buy plenty of water, a hat and sunscreen as well as a fly net if you’re visiting during the hot season. Accommodations can be found at the Kings Canyon Resort that offers a wide array of options suited for all pockets. Furthermore, alternate accommodations as well as quad bike tours and camel rides can be enjoyed at Kings Creek Station, which can be found 23 miles to the east.

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