The Superb Icelandic Landscape in Landmannalaugar

It’s common knowledge that Iceland has some of the most fascinating landscapes in the world. But even so, the unique scenery of Landmannalaugar in the Fjallabak Nature Reserve manages to amaze people every time. You can find this amazing place at the end of the Laugarvegur hiking trail, at the edge of a lava field that was formed after a 1477 eruption.

Icelandic Landscape in Landmannalaugar

The almost alien-looking landscapes in this area attract many tourists and hikers every year, as do the natural geothermal hot springs in the reserve. For those who don’t particularly enjoy hiking, Icelandic horse riding is a fun alternative, especially since horses can often reach places that are inaccessible to cars and too difficult to tackle on foot. Arctic char fishing is also a popular local activity. Whatever you choose to do there, though, don’t forget to grab a camera!

Superb Icelandic Landscape in Landmannalaugar



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