Superb 2014 Zac Posen Resort Collection

Zachary E. “Zac” Posen is a young American fashion designer that is highly appreciated for his spectacular and imaginative fashion collections. His 2014 Resort Collection is truly amazing in all regards, featuring exquisite skirts and dresses inspired by the glamorous looks of the 1930s.

Superb 2014 Zac Posen Resort Collection (15)

In order to emphasize on the collection’s timeless allure, the clothing pieces were showcased by two mother and daughter models named Anna and Pat Cleveland. The alternatives boast impressive, dramatic designs that give off a sense of utmost elegance and sophistication. As far as the adornments and colors are concerned, the designer experimented with monochrome choices, complemented by lovely floral prints and structural details for a plus of freshness and originality. The color palette is quite varied, boasting rich and bold shades of lavender, red, deep blue, peach, royal purple and green.

Unlike most designers, who opted for futuristic and modern designs, the new Zac Posen Resort Collection suggests a magnificent, retro look, which is a refreshing and welcoming change of pace.

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