Superb 2013 Summer Splash Beach Collection by Gina Tricot

As long as it’s still quite hot outside, we’re pretty sure a lot of you are still going to the beach on a regular basis. And while we’re slowly approaching summer’s end, there’s no reason not to think about upgrading your beachwear wardrobe, especially since the fantastic 2013 Summer Splash collection by Gina Tricot is available.

Superb 2013 Summer Splash Beach Collection by Gina Tricot (8)

This exquisite collection is advertized with the help of a highly successful 22-year-old Australian Victoria’s Secret model named Shanina Shaik, who graciously agreed to pose for a series of wonderful shots while wearing the fantastic beachwear alternatives.

As far as the collection itself is concerned, its designer tried to appeal to a broad array of fashionistas, since the alternatives come in a spectacular display of colors and textures suited for all tastes and needs. For example, those willing to go for a more enticing look can opt for a sexy bikini, while the tunics and dresses may appeal to the more conservative types. There are also intricate and elegant crochet swimsuits as well as sarongs, triangle bras and tank tops, complemented by exquisite accessories such as sandals, hats, bags and eyewear.

The color palette is quite diverse as well, including shades of blue, Havana coral, yellow, white, olive and even black. These colors work well with the flashy prints, camouflage and tie-dye patterns, which enable the wearer to steal the spotlight instantly.

You can appreciate Gina Tricot’s latest beachwear collection by browsing through the following pictures. See anything you like?

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