Super-Smart Approach S6 Golf Watch by Garmin

Your golfing time will get even better this summer. Instead of relying on someone else’s accuracy when it comes to assessing your golf skills, you can just get your own Approach S6 smartwatch that will gladly give real-time feedback on your game.

S6 Golf Watch by Garmin Collection

Provided to you by Garmin, the awesome golf watch merges the best in smartwatch technologies with GPS data and super sensitive sensors for priceless feedback on the course. Which course, you’re asking? Well, any of the 30,000+ international courses that the device already has in its memory.

Among its many cool features there is the possibility to monitor your swing with the SwingTempo, SwingStrength and TempoTraining features. The list continues with the CourseView button for manual positioning of the pin, the PinPointer app that shows you the pin when you can’t see it, smartphone notifications (Bluetooth connection to your Apple device), extra-long battery life, glove-friendly touchscreen, and a really nice and slim design.

Obviously, the high-resolution color touchscreen can also display the time, just like any regular watch would do. So wear it every day as a reliable time teller with odometer (which tells you how far you walk), and then take it with you on the course for an indispensable golf companion. All for $400.

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